Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all managing to stay busy and stay safe! I have provided a list of useful websites and resources, which you can dip in and out of as required. Please feel free to contact me by mail if you would like further resources or ideas.

Hopefully the ideas provided here are of some help. As per text from Elaine, you have my e-mail, please feel free to contact me if you need anything further.Look forward to getting back to our normal routing and seeing you all again!



Resources & Websites

Sample Schedule

I have provided the link to a sample schedule with visuals that you can cut out and either laminate or stick onto card.

  Morning Routine: Soft start – Begin with a calendar activity, e.g. day of the week, month, season, weather.

      • Yoga – from yoga cards provided.
      • Sensory play/Puzzle
      • Movement break (A short walk, Just Dance for Kids, Go Noodle)
      • Work – 3-5 pieces of work  (See suggested activities below)
      • Choice/ Reward Time
      • Movement break
      • Snack
      • Work -3-5 pieces (See suggested activities below)
      • Sensory Play/ Art/ Baking
      • Lunch

Suggestions for work activities:

Literacy: Spellings (Spelling lists available online by grade, lists can be manually entered into the Spell City website so learning is game based).

Reading: Rainbow Reader books are available on the C.J. Fallon website, Oxford Owls website has a library of e-books available

Oral Language: Twinkl has a range of oral language worksheets, ‘My Read at Home’ book available on CJ Fallons website.

Writing: Keep a diary of your time at home ,Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker is available online to create tracing sheets, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor available free online.

Numeracy: Twinkl website for maths worksheets, Topmarks for maths based games, Maths books available by class level on the CJ Fallons website, StarFall website, sorting pairs of socks, baking, shape hunt in the garden.

SESE: (Science, History, Geography) Nature walks, Virtual Field Trip (Website), Baking, Sensory Play, Reading picture books (Story is a strand of history curriculum). Project work e.g. research the solar system or just listen to a song on YouTube on the planets. Discuss homes e.g. the type of home you live in, the functions of the different rooms –research other types of homes. Life cycles of a variety of living creatures, Animals and their young etc.

Music: YouTube for Go Noodle, Just Dance for Kids, Sensory music for kids.

Art: Google image for Spring/Easter themed art ideas, Pinterest is also great for art and craft ideas.

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