Active Flag

Saplings Class October 2019

Cedar Class October 2019


The Safe Cycling Programme in conjunction with Limerick Sports Partnership

The programme provides children with an opportunity to learn the rules, skills and techniques to ensure they are safe when cycling.

Fitz Kids

Some of our older students are participating in the Fitz Kids Kilometer walking challenge in conjunction with the Limerick Sports Partnership.


We Did It !!!!

Red Hill are very proud today.  We received the Active School Flag, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help achieve this.

Day four of Active Week 2018

Day Three of Active Week 2018

Day Two of Active Week 2018

Day one of Active Week 2018

Activities in Red Hill School


Active Flag Committee 

Members of the Active Flag

Committee 2017 – 2018

Kyle and Luke Mulberry Class, Aaron Sequoia Class, Sam and Nadine Beech Class, John and Aidan Oak Class, Ian and Adam Elm Class,  Conor Class,  and Fionn Pine Class.

Active Breaks 

Go-Noodle, exercies and yoga in the classroom and PE hall.

Physical Activity 


All children took part in Zumba classes once a week for a 6 week period.



Operation Transformation 10 @ 10 

Classes took part in a wide range of activities for 10 @ 10. Activities included dance, obstacle courses, running, aerobics, unihockey, basketball, rubgy and soccer.



Active Walk 

Each morning all classes go for an active walk around the school at 9.30 am


We have an Adventure Trail in school and we also go to the local trails on social outings