Active Week May 2019

Mulberry very competitive in the Obstacle Course


The boys asking Diarmuid Byrnes some questions about Hurling





Happy Christmas form all in Mulberry and Beech Class 2018





Santa came to visit





Activity Week in Red Hill School 


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Animal Encounters came to visit our school

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Junior Entrepreneur Programme

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme is a unique programme which encourages children to think about the area of business and how they operate. The students of Mulberry and Elm have decided to use the Tuck Shop as our entrepreneurial idea. Students have taken time to pick the products to be sold, for what price and also regularly carry out a stock take.

Students taking part are having lots of fun improving their business skills, problem solving, communication skills and numeracy. It is also helping both classes to enhance their confidence, creativity and independence. Teamwork is a crucial element to the programme and all students are enjoying the opportunity to get to know their peers better and work as a team.


Trip to Musgraves Trip to Musgraves 2 Trip to Musgraves 7 Trip to Musgraves 6 Trip to Musgraves 5 Trip to Musgraves 4 Trip to Musgraves 3Trip to Musgraves 1


Mulberry Active 10 @ 10


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Santa Came to Visit.

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Mulberry Class enjoying our new Activity Trail !

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